Anyone have a really nice Amphicar steering wheel for sale?

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I have a few, they are painted correct colour and ready to go. The horn ring center is painted to match, use your inners,
Ron is here till 18th of June for the Orillia Swim in and can take back to NH.
others coming from MI.
email me of line at
Rick P. lives around the corner from me and restores even the most rare of wheels from boats and old cars,
He is not cheap but they are perfect!


I bought one from Gord when I was up in Ontario on vacation. It looks great. And Gord's a very nice guy too!


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Oh. gee. thanks..
It looks like the bottom has droped out of Amphicar repairs and sales,, Have talked with others whom have said the same thing.. Hey lets get the ecomimy going again!!! Buy, buy<BUY.. I have stocked up on alot of my parts, interiors etc.. So Im spending ,
No amphicars booked in for restorations this winter so looks like I will spend more Time in Florida this winter,
heading down After the Lake Cumberland swim in on Sept 25th for a month.
taking advantage of quite time to do a restoration of a 61 Metropolitan for myself.Photo of loading on trailer from hoist to take to blasters. It is even narrower than a Amphicar. would not fit in amphi tire slots!
Gord S>


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