Anybody seen this type of Amphicar cooling fan.

The one on the right we know but what about the one on the left?
It came with some Amphicar parts and looks to be original Amphicar but we haven't seen it before. Perhaps a very early or very late car ?
DSCF7854 (Medium).JPG


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I can not answer your question, but have even an unusual Amphicar fan. There are two fans associated with a spacer and reverse rotation.
Thanks. I think that confirms my square bladed fan is original Amphicar although yours are different again. I expect Amphicar experimented with different designs before deciding on the curved edge version. From what I've read the noise of a fan comes from the air as it leaves the blades and the more that is curved the quieter it is. Does anyone out there have a very early 1960 or 1961 original car - one of those with the different horn housing - maybe that also had a square fan ?
Oh and there were those really early Amphicars with the Austin engine - there is one in Sweden - maybe that's where the fan is from ?


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I have a fan like that(top pic) in my amphicar inventory, in Canada
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Sounding more like the square blade fan was early cars. That's an early car in your shop Gord as the floor pressing is different from all the Euro ones.