Any painting advice?



Hi Everybody,

Two weekends ago my Dad and I started tearing apart a 1964 Amphicar I
bought on ebay and now we have absolutely everything out except the
transmission, the steering gear and the wheels and axles etc.
underneath (not sure what all we should take off to have it stripped
and painted.) I live in Columbus, Ohio and the car is in New
Philadelphia, Ohio and I'm looking for any advice or recommendations
as to places to take it to get it stripped and painted in the central
Ohio area. Four places I've checked have ranged in price from $1,000
for two coats of paint (a friend's Dad has a friend he highly
recommends who owns a Maaco shop and says they can do great work
despite what you might think of Maaco) to $12,000 for bead blasting a
concours quality paint (from a classic car resto shop here in town
with a long wating list, highly recommended by a friend of my Dad's)
Another guy I know (who restores "C"lassics for a living) recommended
a guy who would sand blast it for $500 or so. I've read posts and
heard about how sand blasting can warp the metal and how chemical
dipping can leave chemicals in seems which peel off new paint later,
so it sounds like folks recommend bead blasting? And what about
paint? I hear epoxy primers to make it waterproof, but what about
multiple layers of paint? If the Maaco guy will do several layers of
paint for more than $1,000 but far less than $12,000, is that
something I should consider? My overall budget for the car was
supposed to be $20,000 and I paid $11,750 for the car and just sent
$3,500 to Hugh for parts (and I'm sure I'll need more) so I was
hoping not to spend too much. The more I spend now the more likely
it is that I'll have to sell it in 3 years when I finish optometry
school and need lots of money to pay back student loans and buy into
a practice etc. but I'd like to keep the car, so...) By the way the
body is pretty solid, except for a hole in the driver's side rocker
panel (I'd like to get a metal patch welded in) and the area
underneath the mount for one of those rear bumpers. It's enough
work to tear it all apart that I don't want to skimp on the paint,
but my main goal is to keep it from rusting, not win prizes at a car
show. Any ideas as to how much I should expect to spend on paint and
where I should take it? Thanks for any advice!
Jim Bihari
(I can be reached Monday-Thursday toll free at 866-487-7211
Weekends I'm at my Dad's working on the Amphi!)

Mike Israel


Proper prep and epoxy primer are the key elements of concern. I would not go
for a Pebble Beach paint job as you will be driving it into the water!

Sand blasting is bad, will damage sheet metal. Media blasting is fine. Soda
blasting will take off all paint cleanly and safely without even removing glass
or chrome but it does not get rust. Dipping works well but it is costly and not
many places still able to do that. Much depends on condition of car at this

The epoxy primer is more important than the paint for preventing future rust.
Again, search the archives for more info.

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