Answer to this weeks "stumper" , that can cause random dying/stranding...

Jon March

Gord came closest with his guess of a loose master power wire at the keyswitch connection.
But before the master power even gets to the keyswitch/dash/fusebock, etc - the other weak link in it is the notorious rear barrier strip. Sure... ALL the connections there are prone to wild heat changes and drying out, splashes, etc....
....But none is more vital than the thick one hidden in the middle of the spade lug-stip. It pulls more current than all the others, heating up and eventually weakening the contact points on the lug edges more than the others.

Worked fine for a couple weeks - then started random dying. You can see where i took it apart and joined them together much more strongly, bypassing the barrier strip connector.

Heres what i say about poor connections: 'screw that!"
...So thats exactly what im gonna do ...with this:

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