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Daniel & Kathy Gibson

Ok, my wife prodded me into taking the car in to Lake Arlington today. Well,
maybe prodded is not quite the right term. Collaborated with me may be better!

Here I was hoping for a quick, quiet test drive into the lake and out again.
Instead I found myself surrounded by on-lookers and their cameras and LOTS of
questions! Needless to say, I was quite nervous having at least 30 people watch
me launch for the first time. All went well, with only a minor leak on the
passengers door. I could hear the "yeas! and the "woohoos" over the roar of the
engine and tranny as I came out.

One more test drive after that, and then the wife wanted to go, and so did the
kids! After that, we called it a day. For some reason the temperature gauge
pegged itself, but I am not yet convinced that it was overheating. It drove home
fine. I will check it out thoroughly tomorrow, and then...back to the lake!

Tired but Happy Danno!
'64 SWIMMING Amphi!

Marc Schlemmer

Great news, Dan and Kathy! You've done a great job on your Amphi, and now
the fun can begin! Thanks, too, for keeping us updated on your web page
these past months.

Marc Schlemmer.