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Another Pilgrimage to Celina: (revised re-post)

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Another Pilgrimage to Celina?
What does it mean?...
Meaning "visit to the revered place," the
pilgrimage to Celina, is the most significant
manifestation of Amphicar faith and unity
in the world. For those Amphis that are able
to make the journey to Ohio, the pilgrimage
is the peak of their amphibious life.

Who is it applicable to?...
The annual pilgrimage to Celina - in Ohio -
is an obligation only for those who are
mechanically and financially able to perform it.

Worlds largest display of Amphicar Unity! ...
About two and half million people (year 2001
prediction) will go to Celina this year from
every corner of the globe providing a unique
opportunity for those of different nations to
meet one another. Amphibians from all
walks of life, from every corner of the globe
assemble in response to the call of Amphi.
Amphi owners sometimes wear no clothes:
which strip away distinctions of class
and culture, so that all stand equal before
admirers (some more equal than others).
A person who has successfully performed the
Celina Pilgrimage can be called a Newt or
Turtle (for males) and a Frog or Salamander
(for females). Children are sometimes referred
to as Mud Puppies.

Aquatic Fun is the dominant theme!...
Fun with other Amphis, with one's own Amphi,
with one another, with one's self (if needed),
and with all living creatures. The actual fun
and frolicking take place at the sacred Celina
Lake in Ohio and at nearby watering holes.
To disturb the fun of anyone or any creature
in any shape or form is strictly prohibited.

When is it?...
The annual Pilgrimage to Celina is about to
begin. Many Amphis are plotting their course
and making necessary arrangements to be present
in Celina at the peak of the festivities - July 27th
thru July 29th.

What happens at the close of Celina?...
The close of the Celina is marked by a Bilge Festival,
which is celebrated by the excretion of sacred bilge
water , and the exchange of gifts in Amphibious
communities everywhere. This, and the prior July 19th
feast-day commemorating the birth of Hans Trippel
are the main festivals of the Amphicar calendar.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego

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