Another Outstanding Club Newsletter !!!!

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
A most excellent Member Spotlight. A lot of us have been in his shoes!!!! "You know if You don't buy that car You will be kicking yourself in the butt " Its a great and scary feeling being so possessed and driven at same time. Great pics and great headlines! Ed Howard big congratulations too. :D Club should be paying Kieth for his efforts. Later Dave the Wave

Ron Green

Keith will be the first to tell you it is a group effort. Without the members sending in great articles and pictures there wouldn't be much of a newsletter.

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Here here to all the club exe. and members whom help with this club, great effort. great paper, other club newsleters come and have nothing in them,, trash same day,, these I keep a long time!


Amphicar Expert
Just for the record, Ron Green puts as much work in the newsletter as Keith. We are LUCKY to have both of them working on it. Thanks Guys!

Also Don't forget Ron's wife Val, She has done plenty too...