Another duck down

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  1. Steve

    Unable to find anything in themilwaukeenews data base. Where did you
    start or what key words did you use. Nothing on duck sinks, ww2 duck


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    Subject: [amphicar-lovers] Another duck down
    Author: ("Steve Behnke" <>) at
    Date: 9/19/00 1:44 PM

    The duck in Milwaukee sank yesterday.
    It was a 1967 Brittish Stalwart.

    Story at:

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  2. Steve Behnke

    Steve Behnke Guest

  3. David Chapman

    The Stalwart is a fine (and very large) vehicle, I experienced one in May as
    part of the Classic and Sportscar article, I've just watched the video news
    clip of the event (this technology is so cool sometimes) let us know if
    there is a follow-up as to exactly what went wrong.

    For Amphicar newbies don't be too alarmed, military amphibious vehicles
    (pretty much everything except the Amphicar) are built to a different
    standard than the Amphicar - safety is way down the list - some of them can
    be very scary !

    David Chapman in the UK

    > Story at:

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