Another Colorado Amphicar!



Three weeks ago I went for a swim at a small local lake. A man comes
up to me very excited about the Amphicar. He asks a few questions and
inquired about buying one. He called me several times over the next
few days with lots of good questions. I knew he was a serious buyer
and would love an Amphi.

Last night I took him for his 1st ride and then he got to swim HIS
car! The smile he had told all. It was a very nice red car from
Maine. Door seal leaked a bit (read lots!) but not enough to be
worried about for the few minutes we were in the water. Once they are
replaced, it will probably be virtually dribble free.

There is a green one North of me, Mark and my white ones and Jim's
red, now I need to find a blue car nearby so we have the whole set!