Another Celina Room Available :-(


Mike Israel

Hello All,

For the past twelve months I have been telling myself
that I would indeed make it to Celina this year. I
even booked a room at the Holiday Inn months ago.

Unfortunately, Murphy wins another round. My friend's
truck, which I would have borrowed as a tow vehicle,
has been traded for a BMW 5 series (great car but
lousy tow truck). Unlike the Bilgemaster, I am simply
not daring enough to ask Amphi to make such a journey
under her own power. Add to that the usual events of
work, the work on Amphi which I have yet to complete,
a 4 month old baby, etc., etc.. Regrettably, Celina
is just not in the cards for me this year.

In any event I shall be there in spirit. I am still
considering attending the NY state swim-in so perhaps
I shall meet some of you there. Also, the festival at
Bill Syx's place is definitely within driving

Oh yes, I shall be cancelling my room at Celina by
this afternoon. I believe it is a room with 2 queen
beds. Thus, should anyone need lodging there will be
one more room at the Inn.

Best Regards,

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
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