Another celebrity Amphi?



I just read that Dan Akroyd has 2 Amphicars. No real proof, but I did
see it on the web so it must be true! :)

That would be cool for me as "Blues Brothers" happens to be my all
time favorite movie.


David Chapman

Yes, Dan Akroyd certainly had Amphicars a few years ago, two other names, Uri
Geller (I met him and did some work on his car about 15 years ago - he has since
sold it) and maybe the biggest name of all, Madonna. She had an early light blue
Amphicar, it's in the video of a track from about 1984 called "Start me up".

Elton John was very keen to buy an Amphicar about 10 years ago - it didn't
happen and he has since sold many of the hundreds of cars he once owned.

There is also a story - unconfirmed but from a good source - that John Lennon
kept four white Amphicars in the late 1960s at his manor house near London,
which just happened to have a large lake with an island. Someone once told me
they had seen a photo of all four Amphicars, with a Beetle in each, racing
across the lake !

David Chapman in the UK