Another Amphi moment


Dave Derer

Some months ago I followed a lead on a project Amphi. Then found it came
with a "parts car". Many phone calls, much negotiating, then agree on
price. My customer evaporated and I decided against borrowing to buy.
Month later owner calls and I figure he is going to chew my out for not
following up. Instead he decides to ship me the cars with the promise of
purchase when sold. I could not argue with that. I am way behind with
customer cars and no way can I even consider messing with either of
these. Then I get a call a guy wants the "parts car". I like the "parts
car" because every thing works and is complete. It does have severe rust
in usual places but still better than BW2 was. Boys then got excited and
let me knew they wanted other car. I can not think of any thing finer
than having both boys work thier butts off all summer, fall and winter
on an Amphi. They know they need to work to get cash. I think next year
about this time you will be seeing an Amphi for sale. I wonder after
they are done if they will be able to part with it? I am excited that
they are excited. Some times getting older ain't all that bad! Later
Dave the Wave

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