Another Amphi Debut

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Another Amphi Debut

It was to be Amphi's introductory voyage to
new members in our amphibious family. New
found friends, John & Toni F. from Santa Barbara,
CA made the 240 mile drive all the way down to
San Diego just to see how an Amphi looks and works.
How MY Amphi looks and works! They just bought
an Amphi and are awaiting its restoration & delivery,
but they needed some instant gratification - Amphi style!
At the appointed time we were to meet at the lake.
Fluids checked, bulge dry (save for a gooey coating of
Amsoil), and chrome shining. Turned the key and nothing.
Not even a whisper from the blower, no lights, no gauges,
not even a click from the starter. PANIC!!! I hate to be late!
I hate it when MY Amphi is sick! Ohm meter said a healthy
12 volts. What the #%&@!? Hmmm... Hey, how old is this friggin'
battery anyway? Dunno? Over 3 years for sure. Yanked the
battery and bolted for the lake where I met John & his lovely
(mermaid in-training) wife Toni. They seemed very puzzled
since my Subaru GT wagon doesn't have propellers. I explain,
apologize, and off we go to NAPA for a battery. NAPA said
old battery has ZERO amps. New battery purchased without
hesitation. Once installed Amphi roars to life and we spend
the next 5 hours floating, eating, drinking, and chatting on the
lake in a happy healthy Amphi. MY happy healthy Amphi!
It's good to have another California Amphi "owner to be" and
even better to spend under $100 to diagnose and heal a sick Amphi.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA