Another adventure


David Derer

Iam starting to feel like the Bilge Master in the amount that we are
driving the Brown Wonder. We packed up the cooler and drove to Streator.
Temp at bank said 98. It was really freekin hot in Amphi and boys let us
know. We stopped in Ottawa and hit river. Loads of boats. Conservation
pulls us over, to tell us not to sit on side of boat. He wants to get
real close to us to give us a sticker for the kids for wearing their
life jackets. The water is really choppy and wavy and this knuckle head
wants to hand out stickers! No I yell keep away! We get back on road and
get to Streator. They have an annual cruise through town. It was wall to
wall cars and people. Of course the Brown Wonder out shined even the
nicest of cars. It was getting late and time to go. We got in Illinois
River at Ottawa and from what we were told it would be about an hour
cruise. Now once again it was smooth and void of most boats. Going
against current the trip started to drag on. Boys were tired and hot.
The desire to get off river was mounting. There was hardly any breeze
and the humidity was near 100 percent. Two and a half hours later we are
still looking for ramp out. Found a ramp and a cranky old man . Private
property he barked. The old Dave would have had given him some grief he
would of regretted , but I said good night and left. A short distance
later we see large boats at a dock. We didn't see the channel markers
and stuffed Amphi on a sand bar. Standing still we were able to see how
swift the current actually was. Its amazing in times like that how
automatically prayer pops out. Revved the guts out of Amphi in reverse
and pulled out. The yacht club people gave us a big round of applause as
we left their property. A quick hour ride on highway and we were home.
The group is growing for Lake Geneva and should be a great time. Later
Dave the Wave