Annual Amphipoda Award - Votes Needed...

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So like... I got a whooping two votes so far.
Not exactly what I'd hoped for, but it's a start.
Mermaid & I are off to Belize for 2 weeks,
(unfortunately without Amphi) so please
stuff my Email box full of votes. I'd like to
make this an annual event we can all enjoy
and participate in. Remember you don't
have to be present to win and the notoriety
of the winner will surpass all historical persons
past, present, and future. After the Celina
dust settles and the green brackish water dries,
I will begin building the Amphipoda Award
Hall of Fame Museum. This will become a
place of worship and wonder for future Amphi
generations. All I need now is your nominee(s)
name in an Email addressed to:

Please vote early and vote often. Thanks.

`64 Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA

"Cap''n" John

I nominate The one and only Bilgmiester for all his work on the
Amphicar-dot-net and dot-com sites. I know how much work that is and
we all have access to quite a bit of information and each other as a
direct result of his work. Kudos to you Bill!

I also nominate Mike Israel for his efforts in setting up this
wonderful egroup! We have all come to know others through this group
and I think it shouldn't go un-noticed.

Cap'n "Rusty" (for now)

Re: Re: Annual Amphipoda Award - Votes Needed...

I agree, Bilgemaster is it. All the work getting the information to the
group is a feat initself. Happy to be aboard