Animal Planet & newsletters



Dear Mike & Chris, and John L, Randy and others,

Many thanks for the kind feedback on my
Animal Planet gig. My gills are all a
flutter, Mermaid reckons she'll have to
grease the doorways to get my fat head
through. Yeap, those underwater shots
are pretty cool and thankfully the camera
was kind to my rust spotted Amphi. To be
honest, I seldom drive my Amphi to work?
but I have bailed out of work to go for a
swim on many occasions. As for royalties?
I got a free lunch out of it and some vague
perception of immortality in an Andy Warhol
sort of sense, but no royalties. Maybe
someone will discover me and sign me up to?
oh, I'd rather not prostitute myself ?
I'm just a simple amphibian at heart.

95% of the newsletters have been sent?
the remaining 5% will go out Saturday
since Friday is Veterans Day and the post
office is closed. Again, my apologies for
the unavoidable delays (travel and print
shop equipment woes).

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA