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And then there were two

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Moses Scott Civ 22 LG

I was stunned at a recent car show, when a gentleman said he had a car
on the way and wanted to ask me a few questions. A CAR ON THE WAY? Sure
enough, he had a car delivered the last week in June. I received an
invitation in the mail to attend a BBQ at his house (with a lake) on the
4th. Food, drink, great people and water. As I arrived, I was greeted in
the driveway by my new friend Charlie and told to drive around back, we
had the preferred parking. I rounded the house and sure enough, a sight
that brought a smile to my face and a slow reaction on the clutch (putt,
stall, crank, crank, crank, crank, varoom). Oopps, he, he,la,la,la,
tada. We gave rides and answered all the usual questions. Now, I've had
my car in the water a hundred times with out incident or major leaks. We
had put some long carpets on the beach because the new ramp was not
complete and all had run smoothly until of course the last ride of the
night. I picked up two distinguished guests and charged into the water.
When I hit the gas, there was a mighty shudder and shake. CRAP, I broke
a prop. Someone yells from the beach that one of the carpets is stuck in
my prop. I turn the off the motor to asses the situation, and there's
the distinct sound of running water. Put the Titanic CD in the player,
crank it up, and start rowing. As the side trim slowly disappeared under
water the shore drew closer until the front wheels finally touched
bottom. At least I would be able to walk to the salvage site. A waiting
truck pulled the Mud Skipper on to the grass and my passengers debarked.
10 minutes rolling around on the wet muddy grass in my nice clothes, and
the carpet and my car went their separate ways. A bad door seal was the
source of Niagara falls volume of water. All around a good time was had
by all and there is now someone to play with in the neighborhood.

Life is good.

Scott Moses

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