And on the 85th day ...

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  1. Al Heath/Roanoke/IBM

    And on the 85th day, it rained.

    Cold front was coming, temp was dropping like a rock from 97 into the low
    seventies, sky was darking with various flashes, wind was picking up
    rattling the dead leaves on the trees. Everybody was getting excited
    looking off to the far west, one could see some strong cloud to ground
    strikes. We waited, gathered on the lawn watching the show, hoping it
    would come closer. A hour passed, maybe more. Lightening got closer,
    thunder a little louder, we moved off the lawn, still waiting. Finally, it
    rained .01 of an inch (that's right, a whole hundreth of an inch!). 1st
    rain since June 21st!

    Saturday night rolled into a grand and glorious Sunday. Woke up to a cool,
    cloudy, overcast sky, hearing strange noises on the roof. Is that rain
    again?? YES, got another 14 hundreths on Sunday.

    Its official, the 84 day streak of no rain had been broken. But, Monday,
    sun's shining, 5 day forecast shows only sun. Oh well, an 1/8+ inch of
    rain is better than none.

    Al Heath

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