An Unabashed Plug for Gordon Imports


Allan Woodcock

I am probably spoiled because I am able to go to Gordon Imports almost
every week. Hugh and his staff are always so very helpful ? always
taking the necessary time to answer any question or give advice. Hugh
is a busy man as he is concentrating on having the parts that will keep
our cars running. That?s why you may not be able to find some
non-essential items such as a piece of trim. He is prioritizing his
financial resources and is concentrating on such things as front brake
cylinders and that main tranny gear that is extinct (among other
things). We must realize that after he has the part made it will take
years to recoup his investment. What I am saying is that we should look
at the ?big picture? and think long term. The support we give Gordon
Imports will help to keep our cars running for years in the future.

Red ?66