An old Amphi settles in the South


Tony Averbeck

We loaded her on a trailer, in 25 degree weather, on Saturday, March 9th and
departed for Austin, TX. My 15 month old co-pilot accompanied me across 3
states, arriving at our destination late Sunday afternoon. Monday was spent
getting inspections ("we don't do boats") and licenses from both Motor Vehicles
("a what?") and Parks & Recs ("I want a picture."). All in preparation for
the inaugural Texas swim (in 79 degree weather) of my "new" 1964 AMPHICAR!!!

Thanks to:

1. Mr. Tom Riggins for allowing me to adopt from him this marvelous machine...
2. Roger Sallee for completing an amazing restoration in 2000... 3. Warren
Kodosky for giving my entire family their first Amphi-dip, the one that
convinced... 4. My wonderful wife Lisa to support me in my quest to own one of
the world's only swimming sports cars.

There's still a bit of work ahead: adding seatbelts for the kids (boys ages 15
months & 3.5 years), a second bildge pump (mine has the original and it still
works!) and some additional insulation behind the back seat to cut down on
engine noise and fumes... a small price to pay for the hours of enjoyment to be
had both this and many summers to come.

Tony Averbeck Cream '64 VIN # 100338 Excellent Condition TX
License Plate: GET WET


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