An Amphicar Animal Planet Adventure



Hot on the heels of our Saturday 3 Amphi (Red, White & Blue)
attendance at the San Diego Balboa Park lawn car show I was asked to
do some footage for Animal Planet. A 3 man New Zealand film crew
arrived Monday and we did a 9 our shoot at Lake Miramar. The theme
is "Extreme Divers" which will feature some unique animals (hippos,
elephants, pelicans, whales, etc) in conjunction with some more human
(or amphibian) counterparts (submarines, Amphicars, etc). Bit of a
stretch I know, but that's what they envision and who am I to argue.
So they got me to act like I'm going to work, get frustrated in
traffic, bail out with an illegal U-turn and head for the lake to
relax. Also some Amphi technical bits, a dash of Amphi history, our
glorious club, and me doing the obligatory splash entries, swimming,
frolicking in the water, bystander commentaries, the usual stuff
associated with Amphicars and our amphibious way of life. The nine
hours will be chopped down to 5 minutes of actual air time, but the
Kiwis really enjoyed themselves and couldn't get enough of Amphi or
me over acting and hamming it up. All good TV according them. It
sure beat going to work? but now that I'm back at work reflecting on
what an idiot I made of myself? oh well, it was fun and a little free
press for Amphi and the club never hurts. What does hurt is the
first degree sunburn on my forehead and nose. OUCH!
So we'll see what gets aired sometime in the Sept/Oct time frame on
the Animal Planet channel. Look for the nutcase with the bright red
face in a blue Amphicar just after the hippo segment. OMG.

Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA