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Our Addiction

Here I go thinking with my fingers again. Just the other day I said
to Caryl, "This going swimming everyday in our Amphicar is an
ADDICTION!" Oh no, not the "A" word. At least we don't have to worry
about hanging out on the street corner, getting busted for trying to
sell Amphi rides to support our addiction. We just can't get enough,
we always have to go, we always have to take that big splash, every
spare moment, then we feel better, we always feel better, if we
smoked, we'd probably want a few cigarettes after we drove out.

In the past few months we've learned to over pack our suitcases on
swim-in trips due to high water produced by those little fishing boats
that somehow manages to make that BIG wave which comes up over the
hood, up the windshield (we love that view of the underside of the
wave as seen from behind the windshield) and all over you know who and
what ever is sitting on the seat with us, burrrrrrrrr, wet, wet, wet.

Those kind of waves are so slick, you wonder how that small boat can
make waves that tall. Then they sneak up on you and B4 you know it,
Wetsville or Doing the Wave while not even being at Lambeau Field.

The kids are always fine in the back seat, chuckling and watching us
jump around in our confined wet front seat space. "Did you get wet?"
I can see them in the rear view mirror smiling and then one asks "Do
you need the paddles?", "You guys should've had your life jackets on!"
or something too cute like kids always say.

We've had some conversations with other Amphi owners on wave vs. Amphi
theory, such as, do you hit waves head on, at a slight angle, at a
great angle, and NO we have learned NOT from the side!!!, right Nick.
No matter where we go or what we do, here comes that little fishing
boat again sharing its waves with us.

Anyway, we believe this is an addiction, for lack of a better name,
and I won't use hobby or sport because they just don't fit, is acting
or pulling on us in some mysterious way, keeping us young or strung
out wanting more. We have had our car only in the summer, what is it
going to be like when winter snows and iced up lakes obstruct us from
our daily fix? If we only had a large indoor swimming pool with a bit
of a ramp on one side, "hey Caryl, wait till you hear this remodeling

Marty & Caryl

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