AMSOIL Goodies Available at Celina

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Bill Connelly, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. Bill Connelly

    [...] Given the time to go (this time tomorrow I'll be on my way there) I'd
    tempted to leave it or if it's really bad just change the oil seal behind
    the prop (very simple) and give it a few squirts of Amsoil or any other
    synthetic waterproof grease if you don't have Amsoil to hand. [-DC]


    ... Not to worry about there being any shortage of AMSOIL Waterproof Grease
    in Celina. I'm having a couple of cases delivered to my hotel (Holiday Inn
    Express) along with a case of their great new Power Foam Engine Cleaner &
    Degreaser that folks should really try. It does it all: you start up a cool
    engine with the air filter and flame arrestor off and just shoot it right
    into the carb throat and over the linkages. Then stop the engine and after
    replacing the air filter and flame arrestor, you just suds down the rest of
    the engine and bilge, wait a few minutes, hose and you've got yourself an
    Amphi that runs better and cooler and doesn't smell like the drain of a
    Honduran gas station sink. Once you try it you'll accept no substitutes.
    I'll also have a gallon of the GL-4 Gear Lube and five quarts of the 10W30
    on hand "just in case".


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