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Mike Israel

Hi All,

The question of synthetic gear lube recently came up again. Amsoil in particular. Many have reported excellent results after switching from fossil oil. If anyone has experience with Alfa Romeos you know that they are notorious for balky shifters and worn transmissions. The following is from the alfa-digest which seems to confirm the positive reports on Amsoil lubes. Note that the Bilgemaster offers Amsoil products at And remember, NEVER use GL-5 in your Amphi transmission, it will eat away all the soft brass parts.

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Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 21:12:34 -0400
From: "Brian Shorey" <>
Subject: RE: Amsoil Synthetic Gear Oil

> Anyone have any good or bad experiences with Amsoil 80w/90 synthetic gear oil?
> Specifically in Alfa's transaxle cars? I have been offered what seems like a
> good deal on a quantity of the stuff, but I will not bother with it unless I
> am sure it will make a difference to the transaxles longetivity and shift
> quality.

I recently inspected a local GTV6 for an interested out of state
digester. The car was the best shifting GTV6/Milano I have ever driven, bar none.
Silky smooth, no grinding in any gear.

Now the amazing thing is that the car had 160k+ miles on it and the
transaxle had never been apart. I asked the owner what he was using
and the response was Amsoil, which he started using when the car had just a few
hundred miles on it.

It made a believer out of me.


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