Paul Lalewicz

Hello Amphi Lovers!

Linda & I have decided to pull the boys from school come January, load
up the motorhome and spend 60 days doing a home away from home school
across the country. This brings up the matter of a perfect tow vehicle
of which of course there can only be one perfect answer-Amphi!

Having just spent 3 years being fanantical on the resto, I refuse to
drag Amphi open air behind the motorhome for two months. The idea
being jelled is to now build the ideal lightweight Amphi trailer!
Current thoughts are aluminum frame, two light duty torsion axles with
st tires, electric brakes with breakaway control,and aluminum frame
with a thin skin aluminum cover. Just big enough to slide Amphi in.
The low profile trailer would let me see over the trailer out the back
window of the motorhome, which would be a big plus.

Three thoughts for Amphi Lovers:

(1) We would appreciate any design suggestions you have.
(2) Would you like a trailer built for you?
(3) If you live in a warm state, can we visit and swim with you?

Paul Lalewicz
64 Green
Michigan (for the moment)

Paul Lalewicz

Hello Amphi Lovers,

I wanted to keep you updated on our search for a perfect trailer for
the Amphi. After a lot of research, I found a mass produced aluminum
trailer that can be bought new for less than you could build one. It
is a 17 foot tandum open deck trailer made by Exiss. Great
quality, ramps that slide in the floor, and the floor is extruded
aluminum. It only weighs 1440 pounds and has a GVW of 7000 pounds. I
just picked mine up this morning, $3,725.00 Might seem like a lot,
for what you are getting, no other manufacturer can touch this price
range for a solid aluminum trailer. To see the trailer, go to

Now we are going to build a low profile cover for it. I wish I could
use Wayne & Kathy's cool storage bubble on it, but probably not too
stable at 70 mph!

Paul & Linda Lalewicz