amphis on Ebay



I would never think I was going to place a post like this but.......I
am Crazmom34 on Ebays top bidder list. Please people, unless you
really want or need these cars more than me, I really want to finally
swim with the amphi people. I even have reservations for Celina and I
don't even have a swimmable car. I have a 67 that has a totaled
frame and destroyed quarters from an accident and that's how I bought
them. Can they be fixed, yes, but at a cost greater than another
body. If you really want the cars, by all means bid but if not,
please, I bought my car telling my boys we'd be swimming soon and I'd
like nothing more than to make my families dream come true. I've
never been one to beg and feel almost disgraced to ask but Capn John
told me how the amphi family was so i feel comfortable to humbly
ask,,,, unless you really need it for business or you want it badly
for your families entertainment, I'd really like to win. My sincerest