Amphis in Detroit

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What a great weekend we all had! I was thrilled to meet so many fellow
Amphi-teers and to be able to swim with so many other cars.

On my way home to Atlanta, I was at a gas station, and here comes a fellow in a
big Uhaul. He said he was from Detroit, where he had seen two Amphicars in a
junkyard. Pretty good shape he said, I ought to call them.

I'm not in a position to go get two Amphis from Detroit right now, even though
I'd like to, so here is the info I got, for anyone in Michigan that feels
inclined to go check it out.

The place is called "Rockwood Auto Parts" and is either in or near Detroit. One
is in pretty good shape, the other not so good. The owner of the place keeps
them around, because, "you never know when someone might need a part or two."
The guy I talked to said he was at this place last year some time. I'd get the
number and call first.

If anyone goes to see them, let us know what they are like. I hope everyone had
a pleasant and safe journey home from Celina.

64 Blue "Shipshape"