Amphi's and Corvairs


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Well you guys, Celina is over for another year and I for one had a good time. The water didn't give me liver trouble (yet) and I met lots of nice folks.

It occured to me, as I sat waiting all frickin' day for a plane ride home, that there are more than just a few people who have an interest in Amphicars and Corvairs. I'm one of them. Not to get off on a tangent, but if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive classic car other than an Amphi, the Corvair is a good one.

Anyway, I happened upon a box of old Amphi club newsletters. In the bottom were a couple I sent away for after I joined the club, some 16 odd years ago. One was the Gator Gossip from Ranchero Motors, and one was the inaugural issue of "United We Float, Divided We Sink" newsletter of Jim Nichols.

The point here, Jim Nichols had a rusty 64 Amphi and a sad Corvair. His plan was to put a Corvair 6cylinder and automatic into the Amphi. That would be a worthy project, but since Mr. Nichols' final disposition was less than optimum, that project I'm sure never materialized.

And we Amphi/Corvair people of today thought we were on to something.

Here's hoping everyone has a safe trip home from Celina.

Mike Clark

Stockbridge, Georgia

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A great pleasure meeting you in Celina. Maybe You, Myself and Mike Bayman can get a Amphi/Vair Turbo going someday on the water!

Congrats to you on your new venture as our new Prez next year...