Amphipoda will swim soon!!!



After nearly 2 long years of State
sponsored water treatment plant
repairs, refurbishment, bureaucracy
and turmoil, Lake Miramar (in San
Diego) will reopen at 5:00 AM on
Saturday, July 10th 2004. This is
huge and wonderful news for Amphi
and I. For nearly 2 years Amphi
and I have been depressed, repressed,
and generally in low spirits due to
the lack of a local swimming hole.
Currently we are shedding our
deciduous reptilian scales in favor
of the slick amphibian skins we prefer.
I have already purchased an advanced
boat launch permit in preparation for
this historic event. Amphi and I will
arrive at the entrance gates at 4:42 AM
determined to be the very first ones
into the lake's precious waters.
Obviously this will be another highlight
in our continuing evolution towards the
ultimate amphibious way of life. Never
before have so few been so happy to see
a lake reopen. Yes, my fine finned
friends, this will be a glorious day for
all amphibious-kind? I will be rejuvenated
and, with Amphi's help, we will spew forth
great and heroic tales of our adventures?
just like I used to do before the lake
was closed.

On another note: the recent newsletter was
awesome! I too hope to make a pilgrimage
to Germany for an Amphicar swim fest. And
hearing that Pontiac Moon will be at the
Celina Drive-In brought tears to Amphi's
headlights. Wish we could be there for
that as well as all the other amphibious
silliness. Is this an election year for
the IAOC board & president? I'd like to
nominate Gloria T. for prez! And again I'd
like to throw my name in the hopper for club
mascot. You all have fun in Celina and have
a terrific splash entry for us who can't attend.

Be well, swim safe.
Swim more in 2004!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA