Amphipoda Site


Bill Connelly

Sorry to hear that Amphipoda's old web site provider at Juno gave him the
boot. I can't imagine why they were squeamish about hosting a site whose
central theme was a study of the relationship between naked aliens (who bore
a suprisingly close resemblance to my prom date, I thought), Einstein,
insects and Sophia Loren look-alikes as they relate to the purpose and
function of the V-8 engine. All very metaphysical...I guess there's just no
accounting for taste.

The "redirect" page at
that used to convey one effortlessly to the complex typo-trap Juno address
of the "Realm of the Amphipoda" will remain in place in thoughtful memoriam
to the vanished site. Should you decide to rescucitate the dead site
elsewhere, please let me know and I will amend the "redirect" page's link
accordingly. Alternatively, you are always welcome to homestead in the domain, where we are not phased by special features on buff
aliens and hemi engines, as long as at least a few have webbed toes.



Nice to see Bilgemaster has put my old website
link to good use. My website was, how shall I
say, banned from the world wide web for content
unbecoming of mortal beings. Twas for the best
I suppose, as some of the commentary emails did
not account for the ramifications of the suggested
uses of my physical attributes. Anyway, do as
our hero Bilgemaster has asked and voice your
Ebay agony to the former Amphipoda link below.

Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA