Amphipoda?s 2005 Celina Amphibious Address:



Gloria asked that I post this for those who missed it
(were not at Celina or who were there but went swimming
instead). I don't understand why but okay Gloria, here it is...

Amphipoda's 2005 Celina Amphibious Address:

"First let us begin with a round of applause for IAOC Board member
Gloria Tiller who organized this year's Celina event. And our other
board members Gord Souter, Steve Fischer (not present David Chapman &
John Bevins). We should also thank Billy Syx and all who participated
in the Otterbein Retirement Home ride sharing, lots of very happy
seniors there on Friday and thank you to those who joined in the
Celina town parade today ? Celina appreciates that oh so very very
much. I'd also like to thank & recognize the Eagles Lodge for their
continued terrific hospitality and the town of Celina for once again
tolerating hordes of crazed amphibians running rampant in the streets
and on their lake. No place loves Amphicars like Celina!!! I'd also
like to thank my lovely Mermaid wife Carol for her love and support
during my term as your aquatic president... without her help I dare
say your newsletters would be utter bilge scum.

The IAOC Board has meet and we discussed over a dozen agenda items,
details of which will appear in an upcoming newsletter. But I will
tell you this, and I trust it will make the majority of you very
happy, and that is there will be a Celina 2006!

My fellow amphibians... two score and 6 years ago our amphibious fore
father, Hans Trippel, brought forth onto this continent a new
automobile, conceived in Germany, and dedicated to the proposition
that all vehicles are NOT created equal.

Now we are engaging our propellers in a great amphibious adventure,
testing our water worthiness, and so dedicating ourselves to this
amphibious way of life. We have met on great bodies of water and on
the many roads of life. We have come from far away places to
dedicate a small portion of our lives for the betterment of our
amphibious kind. And it is altogether fitting and proper that we
should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot overlook the sacrifices of those
who endeavor to keep us afloat. I speak of those among us who have
dedicated their very lives to our Amphicars and our amphibious life
style, from the noble parts dealers to the restoration craftsmen, and
to those with the entrepreneurial spirit who recreate the old world
amphibious quality using new technologies. There are many others,
lesser known perhaps, but no less dedicated to our cause. The
volunteers and makers of name tags (Mike Bayman), t-shirts (Doug
Parsons), there are designers of tools, mechanical drawings,
schematics, creators of how-to videos, internet websites, and
electronic forums. All of these amphibious men and women have not
labored in vain... look around you my fine finned friends ? consider
the common bond that unites this gathering. Our Amphicar! With your
support ? and that of the International Amphicar Owners Club of
amphibians, by amphibians, and for amphibians, we shall continue to
swim upon this great earth.

Thank you for listening and for coming here tonight and all weekend
long. I'll now turn the microphone over to Gord Souter who will
announce this year's Amphibian of the Year Award, Take it away

I'll not steal Gord's thunder here so perhaps he'll post the award
winner(s) or you'll just have to wait for your IAOC newsletter.

Be well, swim safe.
Amphicar thrive in 2005!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA