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    . Amphipoda just could not stay on dry ground and pestered me
    relentlessly. Like a only child boozed up, buying round after round.
    Finally I said lets go. He did not know that I had gotten permission
    earlier to use the blue parade car of Roger Sallee's. We jump in and
    headed for the Elks. The place was filled with bikinis and drunk boy
    friends. As we made our turn from the beach the bellow of a boy friend
    yells "Hey these girls want a ride!" . As a Amphi owner must do is to
    share and we did. Three 21 year old blondes, bronzed, and beered up slip
    in the back seat. Its hard to talk when your smile is making your eyes
    water. Then Amphipoda goes "Hey lets give em a splash!". I say yea
    that's great lets go and wave to Margie too. Sure enough we pull into
    Eagles and all five of us give Marge a big wave. I will not even mention
    what kind of thank you was made available for another ride. I just kept
    muttering over forty ,married and with children. Later Dave the Wave
    Viva Celina!!!

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