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I am sitting in 85* sunny weather in Fl.Cause Im too sick to do anything but think.Even typing this is a struggle.Cough, as we all know people ask us is that a Metroplitan or ask them is that the car that floats..since l have some spare Amphi bottoms and make everything in Fibregass, and you can get metros fairly cheap(compared, plus there was almost 100000 of them made)How about a graft?
That should make even more heads turn!just thinking...


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After the meds wear off, hopefully you'll come back to your senses.

In the meantime: Wow, what a great idea! and what a fine car to do that with! off course, most of those 100,000 cars went straight to teen-agers, which , in itself, should make them quickly go the way of the Yugo. How about using a corvette instead. They're allready made out of fibreglass and there don't ever seem to be any fewer of them around