Amphighini vs Amphi



Amphighini vs Amphi - no contest!
I showed my Amphi the Amphighini picture.
My Amphi was horrified!!! Not a completely
unexpected response mind you. From Amphi's
perspective the morphing of an Amphicar
and a Lamborghini represents some huge
ethical dilemmas, some of which I will now
attempt to explain. The first is the total lack
of FINS... my Amphi makes a good point here,
fins make the Amphi, no fins - no Amphi.
Second is the LOOK... Amphi looks cute and
amphibious, where as the Lamborghini has the
appearance of a weapon of mass destruction.
Side by side Amphi would win hands down
in a crowd gathering contest. Third is power...
Amphi has 43 hp and uses every bit of it without
waste or, dare I say, "showboating." The Lam
has enough power to light a small city and is
selfishly wasteful in petrol consumption. Fourth
is a capacity issue... Amphi is a convertible and
and can ferry a half dozen willing sailors, where
as the Lam can manage just two and without the
top-down joys of Amphi. Fifth and perhaps the
most disturbing is the Lam is ALONE in the
world, a one of a kind, like the last Indian in
a long forgotten tribe. No one of the same
culture to play with... alone until death. Thank
goodness Amphi doesn't have that problem -
Amphi has kin and potential mates all over the
place... even in Alaska! No, my fine finned
friends... the Amphighini is no Amphicar and
so out of pure pity I'm going to make a huge
sacrifice on behalf of the club - I'm going to bid
on that silly Amphighini and if I win I promise to
teach the poor pathetic creature the ways of Amphi.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego