Amphighini replies


Dear Amphicar

SILLY, SILLY Amphighini???
"Look here little Amphi", "Yes you are a cutie especially when you pull down
your (soft) top".
Fins? "I know you are getting a little old now and may need some new
spectacles on your headlights, but hey, even your eye sight can't be so bad
as not to notice MY HUGE FIN on the bootlid".
"Also, I am not alone in this world as I have my new best mate 'Sea Roader'
to play with (<A HREF=""> - Home Page</A>
) and he is also a meen machine and
you had better be on your best behaviour as a few Sea Roaders will be popping
up in your country soon".
"I don' think you have any thing to worry about as I feel that your daddy is
too frightened of me to really buy me, but if he does I will be your friend
as all amphibious cars are very special and we take care of each other and
ignore 'normal' cars that don't float".
"See you soon cutie"............Love AMPHIGHINI XXXXXX
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