Amphicars stacked in a warehouse



I knew my buddy had Amphicars,and when he said his delapidated
warehouse was leaking and wanted to "take some down" so the roof
wouldn't leak on them I said "you can keep one in my garage".He said
if I helped I could borrow one to work on and use indefinitely.I have
some pretty cool pics,and you might be interested to see them.In this
warehouse alone and in many stages of disrepair there are at least 33
that I could count.Literally "stacked" on top of each other.We spent
the better part of the day lowering just 4 down.One cinder block at a
time.They are stacked on I-beams and held up by 8 cinder blocks.I
don't think he would ever sell any but it is an amazing site.Some
were never registered and have the certificate of origin still.His
favorite one which is really made up of two different ones is
the "AMPHIZINE" a stretch model(not pictured though).He also has a
ton of parts from a crate of windshields to transmissions to more
hubcaps than I could count.But keep in mind these are in an old nasty
warehouse. One more thing,has anyone had trouble with AAA not towing
their AMPHICAR they didnt want to tow the one I picked out for myself
A RED 67'. So I will have to go back with a friend with a race
trailer to pick it up later in the week.Email me at if
you are interested in seeing the pics. See you in the water soon....I
hope. RANDY