Amphicars on TV!!!



Howdy all!
Well over two years ago, the History Channel sought to do a segment
on Amphicars. This was to be included with other, ah...unique
vehicles and inventions for a Modern Marvels show. The filming took
place in October 2001 at Lake Wohlford in Southern California and
starred 5 fine examples of Amphi-dom, along with their illustrious
(or soon to be) owners. The film crew took many fine shots and
footage, did a couple of interviews, made us all sign contracts to
protect them at the expense of us, informed us of the truly
unfortunate name of the episode, and then disappeared.
We were told by the TV people we'd be contacted when the show was
to air, and we all looked forward to getting that message...which
never came. Until now!
Actually, the message still didn't come from the TV people.
Luckily for us, Paul Riesland, who was one of the five people filmed
that day, has been following the History Channel website since that
time and discovered himself that our show will go on next week.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 10, 2003
WHERE: History Channel
TIME: 10:00pm

Regarding the time, please check your local listings. I don't know
if the time on the website is PST, EST, or what. Locally (Southern
California) lists Modern Marvels airing at 7:00pm, 9:00pm and 10:00pm
on Wednesdays, so it'll be anybody's guess as to which time the
particular episode will air. Best to look for it by name.
The name. Ah, yes. OK, the name of the episode is called "Failed
Inventions." We certainly wouldn't have chosen that, and no, we
don't like it either. Now you can see why it's so unfortunate. No
wonder they made us sign those contracts! Humph! They might think
it's a failure, but I happen to know better!
So please tune in on Dec. 10 to the History Channel and watch Paul
Riesland, Dave Punaro, Steve Reich, Pat Sullivan, and our very own
Amphipoda take the plunge! (Regarding Amphipoda, folks might not
want to stand too close to your TV set - you might get wet!)
Hope you enjoy the show!
Jim Z.


As Jim Z. so eloquently put? this
was filmed in October 2001? which
is beyond my memory's capability
to retain detail. I did receive
a demo tape of the Modern Marvels
"Failed Inventions" (oh, how I
hate that name) episode back in
2002 sometime and so I thought I'd
better review its contents before
the show airs on TV. I do recall
being interviewed and requested to
say something "non-complementary"
about Amphi? Ekkk! Sure enough I
made a perfect arse of myself, but
did manage to perform a rather
rapid aquatic plunge in which the
film crew captured the very essence
of Traumatic Vehicular Buoyancy (TVB).
This particular TVB event was used
throughout the show as an introduction,
commercial break teaser, and closing
credits finale ? assuming my demo tape
reflects the finished product.
{Apparently there is no cure for this
TVB disorder as I seem to have lapsed
into another TVB episode during my
recent Junkyard Mega Wars gig.}
In any event the Modern Marvels "Failed
Inventions" (I still hate that name)
show will be seen nation wide, perhaps
world wide and this can only help our
amphibious cause of spreading smiles
and giving rides. Compared to some
of the other "Failed Inventions" our
Amphicars stack up rather admirably.
Hope you'll tune in and get a laugh
from our Amphi antics. And I'm already
bracing myself for the hate "Fin Mail."

History Channel: Modern Marvels
"Failed Inventions"
Wednesday, December 10 @ 10pm ET/PT

Be well, swim safe.
Swim more in 2004!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA