Amphicars and other stuph!

Greetings all,
Yesterday, I put my second Amphicar in the lake for it's maiden voyage. Since buying her in June, I've replaced all wheel bearings, seals, all brake components, axle u-joints, shocks, plugs and points. The body has some rust bubbles and I'll leave it that way for now.
I was very pleased how she drove down the road. Straight and smooth. The tranny shifts like new. Leaks were almost zero. Both doors close and open nicely with no leaks and the engine has more power than I'm used to.
Unlike my first Amphicar, it wanders at high speeds, I bilge about 2 gallons every 3-4 minutes, opening and closing both doors is a mild challenge and the engine is under powered. It's funny how these cars are like people. Some are fast and some are slow. Some are mellow while others are hyper. Some look good on the outside but are ugly on the inside. My new red Amphi is ugly on the outside but the inside is pretty nice.
I'll spend the next few days getting her ready for Lake Ozark. It ain't a good looking car like my shinny white '67 with her new interior and new paint. The red car will be the drive it down the dirt road, who cares if it brushes against a thorn bush, go ahead and lean on her type of ride.
Looking forward to the Ozarks!

Brian Crombie
Land of 10,000 Lakes!


Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
please excuse my poor typing, i only have one arm to work with and it's m y left one to boot.

congrats on the new amphi. you certainly are one of the good folks so i'm very happy for you! i would give most anything to be there. getting up is a challenge itself so ozarks are not possible. roger is one of the purly nicest people i have ever been lucky enough to meet.have fun, keep safe.