Amphicars and Irish Music


Bill Connelly

Five irish musicians in an amphicar "It's a long way from Ireland"
Happy St. Patrick's Day
jim davis


If there were no other reason to haul your Amphi and family down to Mays
Landing, New Jersey for East Coast Amphicar's Billy Syx and Randy Tusone's
smokin' annual Labor Day weekend bash, just hearing the Barley Boys play
"Purple Hay" live, their bluegrass homage to Jimi Hendrix' "Purple Haze,"
might suffice. The Boys generally provide the great live music, you see.

Seriously folks, if you're even in the same time zone, this yearly get
together that's now coming up on its 14th ot 15th year should really be on
your dance card. It's still early in the season for the event to already be
on the Club's Events Calendar, but you can get the general idea and a phone
contact for more info from last year's "brochure" on the East Coast Amphicar
website at