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<font color="#0000ff" size="4"><span class="703560003-05112007">The below was posted to the Columbus, Ohio, Craigslist. Notice that the event is almost a year away, but maybe someone in Ohio is interested. Reply to the Craigslist in Columbus, not me or this list.</span></font>

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<h2><font color="#008000">Got an Amphicar? Want to be part of a wedding?</font></h2><font color="#008000">
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<font color="#008000">Date: 2007-11-04, 4:59PM EST

My fiance and I are looking for an interesting and fun vehicle to leave our wedding. We'll be at North Bank Park so figured, "We're by water, we're by the road, why not have options?"

We still don't know how we might be able to drive from the road to the Scioto Riverand other such logistics (there is a boat launch at North Bank Park, so there has to be some way...) but are trying to preliminarily see if we can even find someone to hire who'd be interested in driving (boating...) us off (and providing the aforementioned Amphicar). The date's not until Sept. 20th, 2008 but we figured this might be a hard thing to come by so we'd start early on this one. </font>
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<font color="#008000">Location: Columbus </font>

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