Amphicar Task List



Having just purchased an Amphicar, I am trying to get my project list
together so I am not hit by too many suprises as I go. I've put it
into a brief docuement on my server. I would appreciate any feedback
you guys might have. Thanks!

Peter Pociask

Daniel & Kathy Gibson


Here are my responses to your list (after the "-"), based on the work I
did on Das Boot:

Transmission - Pull the transmission and have it rebuilt
- Try rebuilding it yourself! They are simple, and most components are
easily available. Heck of a lot cheaper too!

Brakes - Replace the brake lines - Priority because they are currently
frozen and I cannot move the car around the shop.
Shifter - Tighten the shifter - It is extremely sloppy. This may be as
simple as replacing the fiber washer.
Engine - The engine has been recently rebuilt, but does not run as well
as I would like. Could be any number of things (Throttle, Carb, Bad gas)
Lights - Make sure all of the lights function correctly. This includes
dash indicator lights.
Rust - Cut out and repair any rusted sections of the hull.
Bilge Pump - Replace with a modern pump. It still has the OEM pump and I
dont trust my car to it.
- For sure. Some folks go with two pumps, but I do not see why. I
always fire mine up before I dive in to make sure it is working.
Seals - Check all seals in the car - Transmission tunnel boot, prop
shafts, etc. Fill the car with water, replace stuff until it doesnt
- Remember...there are lots of inexpensive substitutes for seals that
work as well as the high dollar stuff.
Rubber - Remove and replace all of the rubber door and hood seals. The
current ones are shot.
- See my last comments.
Tires - Get new tires. The current ones are looking a little worse for
- I recommend the BF Goodrich bias ply from Coke tire. Look real close
to the original tires, and mine have been wearing very well. The cars
just don't look right without the wide whites (IMHO).


Sheet Metal - Remove all the dents, Fill any extraneous holes.
Chrome - See what can be rechromed and what needs to be replaced.
- Almost any bumper can be repaired and replated. Mine were a mess, and
they look great.
Bumpers - The front and rear bumpers will probably need to be replaced.
- See above
Paint - Repaint the car. See what it takes to do the inside with a
spray-in liner and the undercarriage with something suitable. Engine and
engine compartment?
- I don't recommend the fancy spray in liners...just wait until you have
to remove it someday! Plus, if water does get under it... I used paint
on the inside of DB two plus years ago, and have had no problems.


Electronic Ignition - I have heard good things about these. May be worth
- I have had no problems with points. case of a nuclear amphi will still run!!;^)
Negative Ground/Alternator - Replace the curent generator with an
alternator and have the gauges fixed. May improve reliability, will
definitley make it easier to get a stereo (not the primary concern).
- I have had zero issues with my generator and the positive ground. Part
of the charm of older cars is running them the way they were designed.
AN Fittings - Replace the break and engine hose connections with AN
fittings. Should be more reliable over time. Also looks nice.
Braided Stainless Hoses - Same as above.
Dual Master Cylinder - Not sure.
Radio - Get a stereo. There is not one in the car at present.
- I have a radio...the only time I can hear it is when the car is
parked! Maybe I need better speakers. ;^)
Light Pole - The rear light pole is missing. I believe I only need this
if I intend to run at night, so this can be put off for a while. Worth
buying OEM or can I make something from more readily obtainable


gtpeterp wrote:
> Having just purchased an Amphicar, I am trying to get my project list
> together so I am not hit by too many suprises as I go. I've put it
> into a brief docuement on my server. I would appreciate any feedback
> you guys might have. Thanks!
> Peter Pociask
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