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We at Classic Motorsports are closet Amphicar fans. As devout Triumph freaks we know the Amphicar has an excellent drivetrain. We would like to do a tongue in cheek test in our publication for an upcoming issue and were wondering if you could help us find a willing owner in the Central Florida area (or an owner that would be willing to travel with their Amphicar to this area).
Non believers always say that the Amphicar is neither a good boat nor a good car. We bet your members cars are better than that. As soon as we can, we would like to get our fishing rods out and launch an Amphicar next to our house on beautiful Lake Kerr (20 minutes east of Ocala, Florida). We have another boat at the dock there to shoot photos of us fishing from an Amphicar. There is a real good ramp there and clear, clean water.
From there, we would like to drive the Ampicar back to Ocala and take it to the Ocala kart track that we regularly use for testing. We would like to take a few low speed laps to see what one of these cars feels like on an autocross course.
Would anyone be up for this sort of a story? Details on our publications and our legitimacy can be found at our website. Thank you for your help. Long live the Amphicar!

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