Amphicar Stolen-Faribault, Minnesota

Greetings All!
The following article appeared in my local newspaper today:

Bill Kuntze never got the chance this past summer to fully enjoy his Amphicar -- a half car, half boat built in Berlin, Germany, 45 years ago.
And now, he may never get the chance again.
Kuntze went to check on his 1967 Amphicar, a white convertible with red interior, where it was being stored Sept. 24 and found it wasn't in the locked two-car garage where he had left it.
Police found no sign of forced entry, and neither Kuntze nor Faribault Police Capt. Neal Pederson say they have any leads as to who stole Kuntze's car.
Pederson said the vehicle information has been entered into the national computer system -- meaning if the VIN number or license plate number is run by any officer or deputy, it will show up as stolen.
"It's an unusual vehicle. It will catch an officer's attention to run numbers on it," Pederson said.
Meanwhile Kuntze has spent the past two weeks trying to track down the prized possession he bought more than 35 years ago at an area resort.
"Someone stole my car, and yeah, it's pretty hard on me. It would be nice if I could get it back," he said.
Kuntze paid $650 for the car at the time, but says his parts dealer estimates his Amphicar is worth about $40,000 today. Less than 4,000 Amphicars were built in Germany between 1961 and 1968, and most were imported to the United States.
Kuntze said he was proud to own what he knew to be one of about 500 Amphicars still around today.
"It was my baby," Kuntze said Wednesday. "It was a great, fun toy. Everyone always wanted to take it for a ride. It could be in the water for hours and hours. It could do 60 on some roads. This is a car nobody would forget."

I met Bill Kuntze back in 2000. I asked him then if I could store his Amphicar while I restored mine and he gladly obliged. My very first Amphicar ride was in his car. Painted white like mine, the cars condition is fair having a home spun paint job yet a very useable Amphicar. So if you see a white Amphicar with lots of white paint overspray on the chrome and interior, it may be Bill's stolen Amphicar from Faribault Minnesota.

Thanks for keeping an eye out!
Brian Crombie