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Fw: Amphicar Service Sign

Thanks David: I've gotten quite a few orders for the sign.

Just a reminder that if anyone wants a service sign to hang somewhere please
try and let me know sooner than later. I guess I can tell them to add to
the order later but if your sure you want one the first batch may be the
last. If you order one I'll let you know when their done and I can ship or
bring it to Celina. I posted a photo of the original in yahoo groups so you
can see the design. Thanks, Mike

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> Mike,
> At $86 I'll have one please !
> DC
> (ps Happy 4th July !)

Just put up my Amphicar service sign that I bought from Mike Echmann. The
sign looks great! If you did not buy one from Mike, you are missing out. What
a great piece of advertising soon to be a collector item. Contact Mike and
get one.