Amphicar review to appear on UK Television


To all.
FYI, my RHD 1964 (S/N 200021) amphicar is about to feature on a new UK prime
time television program called "Mad about Motors". It will be featured on
Granada television on Tuesday March 19th at 1930 hrs GMT. I suspect only
David Chapman will see it, as I will be in the USA at that time but I have
asked friends to tape it for me.

Filming during January and February this year was in conjunction with the
Lakeland Motor Museum (home of the famous 1960's Donald Campbell Bluebird
water speed record boat collection) in the UK Lake District in Cumbria,
England . Can you imagine going topless in mid February to get the film
crews' water shots, when air temps were averaging 3-5 deg C. But when you get
asked for these things you cannot say come back in three months, when it's a
lot warmer!
Filming took over 4 hours on two separate occasions, including having the
cameraman next to me with his lense 18 inches from my nose, but I suspect my
bit will be edited to about 5 mins long.

They have told me they are trying to sell the series ( 7 programs of 30 mins)
in the US market to PBS and other cable companies so it might make it to the
US screens later this year. Other features in the series include the new BMW
7 series, the new Mini Cooper S (BMW/Rover), fuel cell technology from Japan,
and the new Volvo 4x4 development. The producers really wanted to feature
unusual automobile propulsion technologies, and as we know the amphicar was
way ahead of its time, and as I told the interviewer nobody since 1960 has
really successfully developed and produced a compact convertible that goes
in water with real doors and reasonable performance. I disputed the new
aquacar recently reviewed in the UK press as not being a true amphibian, as
from the picture I saw it didn't appear to have any doors, that exit below
the waterline (but that it was a boat with wheels) !

I did try and give some history on the amphicar including the development by
Herr Trippel and the Quant investment, and the support given by Hugh Gordon
to the last 30 years of spares support (I hope I got my facts correct after
reviewing the German video Rene sent me last year with english translation).
I also mentioned the International Amphicar club and it's excellent support,
including this medium, without which I would not have been able to restore my
car during 2000-2001. My thanks also go to David Chapman who was instrumental
in helping me find my car (xxxx!!!! ???? rust bucket) after I badgered him
for over 4 years !

Paul Senior