Amphicar Rear qtrs by Dave


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Just thought I'd drop a note to say I just replaced the rear qtrs on my white 67 Amphi. I was going to have the local body shop fabricate some qtrs with the lip, but then decided to buy some from Dave-the Wave. I glad I did! The body shop was impressed with Dave's panels cuz they looked & fit perfect! Dave...if you're reading this, thanks for the great job!
Till later.....Ken Roy MN


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I have sold panels from Dave to some folks and only good words have been said about them. The fit just gets better and better every time I see them.
Soon his son Mike will be making them also, then Dave can retire in Tenneseee.

Keep up the good work, Dave


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My own Amphi is sporting a set of Dave's quarter panels and they are indeed top notch.* If you have done any metal work, you will really appreciate the attention to detail in Dave's panels.* It is not just forming the lip (which is not easy) but the compound curves done on the English wheel, the tip of the lip, etc.* All as good as NOS.* Unless you want to pay your body shop a ton of money, you would be crazy not to use Dave's panels.

As for Dave retiring I will paraphrase an old saying:
Q:* How can you make a small fortune restoring Amphicars?
A:* Start with a large fortune!