Amphicar pressure plate and clutch disk

Jacques B.


The clutch disk used on the amphicar is the same of the Herald ? About of the pressure plate, there is any other car that shares it ? If not, can we use any other substitutes (besides Gordon imports and Friese Kit) ?


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No the disk is not the same.. Coarse teelth on spline Amphi is fine.Like a VW's
I have had problems in the past with rebuild companies and Ampihcar clutch systems, so I do not do them anymore.( I Don't think Gordon Imports are NOS)They Blew up.. !... They would give you another rebuilt(if they could find one) but not pay for the full days work of replaceing it again.
I have had NO trouble at all with the Kit John F. makes up on the many cars I do use it on. Yes they could give trouble to as any mechanical part could.
They must be installed by the book.,
Tell them a little about your kit John F.


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Thanks for the comment Gord. Perhaps this is more than a "little" write up but it's the one I use for the system.

If you're tired of the chatter and wear problems inherent with your Amphicar clutch, here is a high performance clutch system that is a drop in replacement for that weak old clutch. NO modification is required to anything in the car. It simply bolts in place and will replace that weak, chattering spring clutch system with a modern, high performance, diaphragm clutch. After using this system for several thousand miles I removed the engine to check for wear to the clutch system. Absolutely no wear was evident. The system operates smoothly and quietly and doesn't change your clutch pedal pressure. No change to the pedal pressure means no change to the force on the thrust washers in the engine either. This clutch system is so much stronger than the original that, given reasonable driving, THIS IS PROBABLY THE LAST CLUTCH YOUR AMPHICAR WILL EVER NEED. The release bearing holder is a drop in replacement for your original unit and it spaces the release bearing in the proper position to operate perfectly in your Amphicar. The release bearing itself has a hardened, ball bearing supported surface that is designed to operate directly on the forks of a diaphragm clutch pressure plate. The Triumph flywheel has been resurfaced and balanced. (Because this clutch uses a larger diameter disk, you cannot use the original Amphicar flywheel) The pressure plate is a new unit made by Borg & Beck (the maker of the original Amphicar clutch) The clutch disk is 1 inch larger than the original Amphicar disk. The system consists of: A New Custom Machined Release Bearing Holder, New Ball Bearing type, Hardened Release Bearing, New Diaphragm Style Pressure Plate, New Clutch Disk, New Pilot Bushing and Resurfaced and Balanced Flywheel. Also included are New Release bearing retainers, pressure plate bolts and flywheel bushings. Payment by PayPal or check. Over 150 of these systems are now in use and have been performing flawlessly for years. Email or call me if you have any questions. John Friese ( 1-805-570-4778 ) or Sorry, but I just had to up the price a bit since the flywheels are now costing me more than I had to pay for them in the past. Shipping is by insured UPS ground and varies depending on where you are located. Contact me for pricing to your area. I can also ship much faster, even overnight, but the package is heavy enough that air shipping gets expensive.

I can attest to the quality of John's kit as well, having clutch trouble for many years myself. I tried multiple times to fix the trouble myself, but the shudder never got better. Of course this means pulling the engine every time, which is a long costly job only to discover it was for nothing positive. These attempts were before John put this kit together.
I have had the kit for awhile, but finally installed it last month after another consultation with John. I followed the instructions he provides and to my shock, it works great!
The development, testing, and support John has provided to us with this kit is a huge benefit for our membership of owners. To install anything else would be taking a chance which is not worth taking.