Amphicar parts STOLEN!


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On Thusday eve. Nov.15 to Friday Nov, 16at 8am. Someone came into our Home park in Fruitland Park Florida and removed My 10 ft dual axle enclosed Trailer.It contained over $10,000.00 worth of Amphicar parts including a fully rebuilt transmision,yellow interior kit,and Tangerine interior kit with NOS tops.Conv. tops(black and white)The list of parts was over 4 pages long.
I had just put in it parts I was takeing home to rebuild the motor in my Metropolitan($1000)
The trailer left a rusty water trail for a few miles but petered out,.. I hads it locked and even remove one of the wheels(dual axle) Police have been notifed butI doubt anything will come of it.
,IF anyone see's anything on sites or get good deal call please let me know.This was everything I had here in Fl. Call me on majic jack and leave a message 352 301 7022.


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Sorry to hear this. The Amphicar community is pretty tight so that hopefully limits the market for these crooks and someone identifies the items leading to an arrest.

I will flag this thread as "sticky" so that others see it more readily.



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I posted a sign in the area Trailer was taken from,Really the parts they took are of no value to anyone exect Amphicar owners, so I put the note up saying.. Return the parts, no questions asked,, keep the trailer .. and I'll give them $1000.00

And I will post the same amount as a reward(I know all of you would do it anyway)
For information leading to the arest and return of stolden property.
I just reordered all the Metropolatan parts over again,, jezz that hurt.
Keep ane eye open for Rons spare fully rebuilt trans. externally its same as rest. fill hole on top but internally water gear has a machined bushing in it.100_2646.JPG


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Keep an eye on Craigslist, that seems to be the popular place for selling stolen goods. will let you search multiple Craigslist areas at one time. eBay is probably next best bet.


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100_2595.JPG Old white Trailer.(Found!Jan7th/13),.Ron came up with a great Idea for Theft recovery. crooks never look on top,, Put an Identifying mark or number on top(like busses do) that can be seen from air. From now on all long time stored trailers are going to have wheels removed and stored elsware. At least blocked and air out of them!
Almost every day I go to get something,, eg Rake, folding chairs,.. opps that was in trailer.
Pic of some of the stuff that was in the Trailer, Those are Keys to every Amphicar!


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100_2616.JPG Insurance ajuster called Friday,, Sorry, your not covered for parts away from your business location!
I spent a whole weekend looking up old invoices etc... total was $22,000
plus trailer and miss, junk we had in trailer(wifes bike)
The hard thing is there is no replacement for brake shoe.I had 4 0r 5 sets in the trailer.


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100_2609.JPG On Monday I was out driving in Amphi with Ron in Pass. seat, He yell's TURN AROUND.
Our Trailers on that lawn,, naw that the same one you said was not it on Sat.
But I turn around.. Main Road, ffront lawn, guy are out in front of it.
Ron looks back.. ITS IT!!!,Wheres the nearest Police station.??? a few blocks away. Off we go, Run in all excitted get 3 Cop car to go back,adrenelen running high!Get the guy out of house, send Ron for paperwork to prove its his, etc. Trailer recovered. Inside cleared out. turns out hes the 3ed owner in as many weeks but is co operating.. can't get into details but will keep you posted!!!Clue is in the picture


Gord, that's fantastic news. I hope the police able to work their way backwards to the ones that took it.


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Keep in mind that I did bring down a new inventory of parts to Florida and should be able to fill most orders and have parts here for emergency repairs for the lucky Florida swimmers.
It was 82 yesterday and will be all week!100_2619.JPG


How did this work out Gord? Sounds like you have the trailer at least. Hope the parts were recovered!


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Not a single part was ever seen.
My guess is there in a dump, scrap metal place or in the bush.
I have searched the suspect areas even by Airplane no luck
remember inside was my parts sheet which state Im only in Fl, in the winter so they could be waiting till now(May) to
fence parts.
Was at a Canadian auto fles market yesterday a bought some torch parts to replace the ones stold.
BTW the trailer(in Fl) is for sale /trade for a riding lawnmower. to cut the grass at the big lotted new house there.100_2717.JPG
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