Amphicar owners want to stay alive



I am happy to hear about the renewed interest and the new comments on the
steering box mount defect. We all know that the box mounting needs to be
reinforced; any box movement is proof of that. But many people seem to think
that if their steering box doesn't move, they do not need to do anything.
Just wait until they hit a pothole or curb just right and break the mounting
ears on your box. After the steering failure that you probably follow, you
will not have any trouble finding movement in the box (if you are still able
to look under the hood). But don't forget, you will probably win the lottery
before this happens....probably.

I sold all 22 braces that I had, but I will have more made. I'll call my
machinist and find out how much he will charge for a smaller order (5) and
how long it will take. I'll report shortly.

Rob "still alive" Vondracek
'64 red

PS If you take delivery of a brace at my swim-in "Swim on the Ultimate
Amphicar Lake" on June 21 in NW Indiana, you will save the $5 shipping cost
and you will be able to see mine installed and also the combo German/USA
system on Schlemmer's car.