Amphicar on Jay Leno's Garage


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I was just watching the opening trailer for Jay Leno's garage and saw him floating in an Amphicar. Whose Amphi is it?

I saw that teaser too, but I remember possibly 2 Amphis? I don't think they have aired that episode yet. all I see is the first episode with Tim Allen re-running.


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That episode is set to air on the evening of Nov 4th on CNBC. It repeats once or twice times later that day and on the 5th too.

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Jon March

watched it. Your car's gorgeous, Steve.
But jeez: he was unnecessarily condescending!%#. He certainly did not help elevate the value or desirability of the marque. To the contrary; most of his comments were pretty sarcastic & deragotory. The only redeeming thing was that we got some mass media exposure. Hopefully what they say will hold true: good or negative; any publicity is good publicity.
I used to like Leno, but he has become increasingly snarky, and he was a douche toward Amphis IMO.
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What did everyone think of the segment???

Agreed! Nice car, Steve.

He did seem a bit negative, however the comments on his Facebook page are overwhelming positive.

Leno said someone tampered with the car causing him to loose the race. Well, I suspect he didn't put the land transmission in neutral.

We have had two Amphicars over the past 25 years and have not heard one negative comment. Our white car is nice but not pristine. It is always a big hit at parades, car shows, and boat launches. We get a trophy EVERY time we enter an event.

Our white one is a special car as it has made two trips down the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City.

Congratulations Steve for having your car on the show.

The TV exposure is a good thing.



Are people forgetting that Leno and Dunham are both comedians? They both mentioned some positive things too.
I honestly don't think the dollar value of any Amphicar went up or down because of anything mentioned on the program. It's not the money, it's the smiles per gallon!
Gary, in sunny Syracuse!
Congrats Steve!

I liked the segment and you could tell Leno was having a blast by the smile on his face in spite of what he was saying. He is a comedian and was trying to be funny, at least that is how I took it. At least they didn't have to pry his fatness into the Amphi like that off road racer.
Cool that Jeff Dunham also has a car and both cars were the same color.

No matter what was said, the car was on an episode of his new show. That alone tells you what they really think about the Amphicar. Having a dual personality as a car & boat, people also both love them and hate them at the same time.

"Apricot Interior" Ewwww

They wimped out on the entry too. I would have hit the water running on that landing strip of a ramp! It was supposed to be a race, right?

Jon March

I just think they kept emphasizing the angle of being a slow/dangerous/awkward/dorky/unmanly/no balls/ laughable "compromise oddball". I could not disagree more.

They should have had monster splashes, footage of English Channel crossing, amazing offroad capability, history-making sale prices - and the worlds most crowdpleasing vintage car
...on and on!

They missed the "boat" in my opinion.

i'm fine with it tho - its cooler being "in" on our secret!

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As it came on, a friend (non Amphi owner) texted to ask if I was watching. I replied, "yes, I am listening to the blasphemy and now feel quite good that my spouse fell asleep during his show in Vegas!".

I was glad to see the coverage but do agree that it was kind of negative. I kept thinking that it would have been a much better episode with one of our more exuberant Amphi ambassadors like Dave the Wave.
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